The Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum by Werner Tscholl


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photographs by Alexa Rainer

A road, formerly used mainly by migrating wild animals, connects the Pesseiertal and Ötztal valleys. These valleys, surrounded by a natural border created by the foot of the Timmelsjoch mountain chain, are connected by an ancient and rare simmilarity. Architectonic sculptures, situated on several touristic stops  along the road, introduce the beautiful landscape panoramas, its history, cultural background as well as local community and the economy of the region. Located along a mountain pass, the Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum was constructed to celebrate the road’s fiftieth anniversary.

Located on the border of Germany (North Tyrole) and Italy the Pass Museum points out towards the South Tyrole side with its boulder-like structure. Glass covers the internal walls of the building and is faceted to resemble the inside of an icy cave, which honors the pioneers of High Alpine Road and their advancements.

This is breath-taking. What a beautiful work of art for all passerby’s to experience. I can’t wait to take that road trip!